Blair Aaronson is a Financial Advisor under the fiduciary code of ethics with over 34 years of experience in the financial services industry.  Blair has worked at the three Top Wall Street firms for 16 years in Beverly Hills, Century City and Downtown Los Angeles.  Blair left the Wall Street mentality in 2000 when it was obvious that the model was not fulfilling Blair’s #1 non-bendable rule! PROTECT THE PRINCIPLE. Never again would Blair have to utter the Wall Street mantra “Hang in there, the market is coming back, you’re in it for the long haul!” The next 16 years were spent designing and perfecting his 4-step process he labeled “ The Forte Formula”. This process has been tested in the most active and volatile markets in the last 25 years and has held true to its design. "Never lose the principle", as Warren Buffet has preached to us all. Blair himself says he is the Marcus Welby of Retirement planning. Yes, he still believes that personal attention with a boutique focus has vanished from the financial services industry. This is largely due to over reliance on the technological focus instead of a well thought out plan. If you ask a golfer, which he would prefer, the clubs of any man or women who ever played the game or their swing, you will begin to understand Blair’s philosophy. The magic is in the swing, that’s the plan. The clubs are just like the financial products being sold to wanna-be golfers! He’s experienced in long-term investment strategy, retirement and estate planning, tax-advantaged wealth management concepts, along with insurance and other contingency-planning vehicles. He is a strong believer in continuing education and ongoing research and training, so he’s able to offer clients a variety of solutions to their financial problems and needs, and he insists that clients always come first. Integrity, honesty, service and transparency are the very cornerstones of his practice. Blair has spent hundreds and hundreds of hours studying and digging through trendy strategies and finding the flaws so he can prevent clients from falling victim to mere fads or market hype that have no basis in math or science.  Blair has been recognized by the financial industry’s most respected organizations and has been the guest speaker to numerous private, public, and government retirement think tanks.. Blair is also an award winning pianist and composer. His weekly radio show “The Financial Bottom Line” can be heard every SATURDAY on 1150 A.M. The Patriot. Blair just celebrated 4 years on the airwaves and is ranked in the TOP 100 RADIO SHOWS across the country and streams worldwide on IHeart Radio.