This was an early composition that introduced me to using the orchestra in Prague.  Fantastic experience as I had the opportunity to actually watch the piece recorded live by using an ISDN hookup in Santa Monica, California.  This set the stage for many future sessions to be recorded in Prague.  Hope you enjoy.  

The experience of hearing your very own intimate musical ideas being performed by a large symphonic ensemble is always so powerful and word defying and one that leaves you in awe just like it did the very first time. The following musical selection of composition is performed by The Prague Orchestra featuring some of the prime members of the National Symphony.

As soon as this track was completed, it actually ended up being the theme for a multi award-winning project about the story of Conrad Hilton, and this became the lead theme in that project.  I received a Telly award for the musical compositions in that project.  

This was a short little cue that wasactually part of a work assignment for a UCLA film-scoring class I was taking at the time.  Small section but it was a nice exercise.  

Piano and woodwinds carry this melancholic theme that has a haunting quality to it and develops into a more lush and cinematic arrangement towards the end. 

This was inspired by one of my favorite all-time scores from the film, Shawshank Redemption, which is truly a classic composition.  This, once again, was Prague.  

This is the same piece that you hear in Paris 1942, which was done in a jazz version.  This is the more classic orientation of that same musical composition.  

This was a collaboration with my longtime partner, Emanuele Arnone.  This was part of a large project for Hilton Hotels where after hearing the original mockup which was done in the home studio, it was decided it warranted having it recorded by the 52-piece Prague Orchestra.  

This composition is a collaboration between myself and Tamir Hendelman, with a beautiful orchestral arrangement by Nan Schwartz. I hope you enjoy..