This was the opening track on my first CD studied in solitude.  This was my opportunity to work with Mike Garson, pianist extraordinaire, with Dave Carpenter, Bob Sheppard, and work at Wilder Brothers, one of the truly great, old recording studios that has since closed.  This was a sparse composition intended to have lots of air moving through the tune.  

This was truly inspired by one of my all-time favorite tracks, Someday My Prince Will Come, with Miles.  That was the inspiration for using the electronic instrument, the EVI, which is actually a wind-controlled instrument with a sample of a muted trumpet.  Strings were added later.

This was my tribute to my best friend, Jeffrey Hamilton, who passed away just after the beginning of this project in the mid-1990s.  I was fortunate enough to have the famed guitarist, Ramon Stagnaro, come in for a late-night session Christmas Eve to perform the lead acoustic guitar track.  I had a friend come in to do the background vocals, which were also a tribute to Jeffrey as he always loved the wailing vocals in the Pink Floyd tune, Dark Side of the Moon.  This was a co-composition with Mike Garson.  

This was a tune I always felt had that film noir quality to it.  I had previously recorded this tune as a string quartet, which actually sounded quite lovely, but I was inspired by working with the exceptional jazz palette of musicians.  I wanted to re-record the tune, and this is the finished product.  Once again, Bob Sheppard, Mike Garson, and Dave Carpenter set the stage.