This was a tune that my longtime songwriting partner, James Haymer, had written and I decided to record it in a country fashion.  I had also recorded this in a light jazz fashion, and it just validates that a good song can be done in many different styles with success.  I had the opportunity to work with some of Nashville's finest in a long-distance project by sending tracks back and forth.  Hope you enjoy.

This is a tune that had originally been written by James Haymer and myself and appeared on Mike Love's, the lead singer of The Beach Boys, solo album many years ago.  It was slated to be the single, but the record company ran into some problems so the album was not marketed the way it should have been.  Some 30 years later, with the country music craze, I thought this would be a good experiment to re-record the song in pure country fashion.  In the hands of the right artist, it probably would be a hit even today.  


This was another co-written song, James Haymer and myself, when we had our 1980s eight-piece band that was called Two Guys from Van Nuys.  This song was actually recorded by the brilliant songwriter, Dave Mason, who wrote many hits, one of his most famous, Feelin' Alright.  This was to be on his solo album, but through political and record company politics, the album was not recorded, so I chose to re-record it in a country fashion.  The song, while written 30 years ago, still has some validity today, I feel.

Another Two Guys from Van Guys classic written in early 1980.  This was the original demo, and if you went to a small bar in Texas, you could probably still find it on a jukebox machine there